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Welcome to Gardner Law Offices

The firm believes in the importance of using the latest technological and service-oriented advances in order to bring clients the optimum recovery on each matter referred to the firm. The firm utilizes as much computer capability as is possible to assist in the organization and preparation of its litigation. Moreover, the firm fully supports the use of skilled paralegals to ensure the client receives a maximum economic benefit without a sacrifice in competency.

The firm utilizes a reporting system designed to keep clients fully informed at all times of every aspect of every case. Unless instructed otherwise, upon receipt of a file, a letter of acknowledgment will be forwarded immediately. Thereafter, within 30 to 45 days, the client will receive an in-depth litigation plan, setting forth a detailed enumeration of each step necessary to handle the case through completion. Such plan will include an analysis of applicable defenses, as the case may be, along with recommendations regarding settlement, discovery, the need and use of expert witnesses, and the need for motions to be filed with the Court. The plan also will include an approximation of the fees to be incurred through the predicted end of the litigation. After this initial report is provided, the client will thereafter receive additional status reports every 30 to 45 days, or sooner, when action warrants additional reporting. Throughout the litigation, the client will be fully advised of all significant decisions which must be made. Moreover, those decisions will not be acted upon without the advice and consent of the client.

In addition to the above, the firm will provide a pre-trial report before trial. The report will set forth the expected testimony at trial, theories to be advanced at trial, along with a discussion and analysis of the expected outcome of the trial. Each and every expected witness will be identified along with a discussion of that individual's expected testimony. An estimate will also be provided for the cost of trial, and the cost of any additional discovery which will be necessary. Following the trial, a post-trial report will be provided, analyzing the outcome.

The firm is a strong believer in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). All members of the firm have, in the past, been in the forefront of the insurance defense industry in recommending mediation and arbitration of various cases under their control. All firm members have participated extensively in the use of both arbitration and mediation. On any file handled by this office, the client will be advised of the applicability of either of these alternatives to trial, in addition to any other alternatives by which a dispute can be resolved. It has been the experience of this firm to work hand in hand with all claims personnel in efforts to bring matters to a resolution without resort to trial. In mediating or arbitrating cases, firm members are available to provide whatever advice and assistance is required, including participating fully in negotiations or, if requested, deferring to the experience and skill of the handling claims personnel.

If resolution of the claim prior to trial is not possible, all members of the firm are fully experienced and capable of taking matters assigned to them through the trial process. Firm members have tried cases in state and federal courts throughout Idaho.

In the event the case cannot be resolved short of trial, the firm of Gardner Law Offices, has the capability, experience, and expertise to carry the matter all the way through the litigation process.

It is also this firm's intent to deemphasize formal discovery methods when not warranted. Rather, firm members rely upon paralegal assistance, and the assistance of local adjusting firms, to garner information which can be obtained without resorting to formal discovery procedures. The firm believes the gathering of information, by way of informal means through local claims representatives and adjusting firms, is always the most desirable option when formal discovery procedures are unnecessary. Along those same lines, when formal discovery procedures are necessary, it is the firm's philosophy to use the least onerous and most economically beneficial procedure to obtain the needed information.

In conclusion, the firm of Gardner Law Offices, serves at the direction of the client. The needs and desires of the client are of foremost importance. This law firm will respect and nurture each and every relationship with its clients, both as entities and as individuals. To that end, it is the duty and intention of this firm to provide the finest legal assistance and counsel in the most cost effective manner possible.

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